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LinX Linear Motors & MX Linear tool grinder range

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LinX Linear Motors  
Why cylindrical is best


The MX Linear range uses  ANCA LinX Linear Motors for axis motion. In conjunction with linear scales, a high level of machine precision and performance is able to be achieved, resulting in superior tool accuracy and surface finish. With LinX Linear Motors there is no loss of machine accuracy over time due to wear and it is not affected by temperature variations. The LinX Linear Motor has higher axis speed and acceleration leading to reduced cycle times. It achieves this while maintaining a smoother axis motion.

Unique Cylindrical design

Existing flat bed type of linear motors can have some drawbacks when used with tool grinders. A cylindrical design overcomes these drawbacks which is why ANCA developed this particular design of Linear Motor for their new MX Linear range.

The LinX Linear Motor display at IMTS 2014


The cylindrical LinX Linear Motors experience less wear as there are no contacting parts. They have been specially designed for a lifetime of operation in harsh grinding environments. As the magnetic field is cylindrical there is no additional down force on the rails or machine base.

Rated to IP67

With the unique cylindrical design the LinX Linear Motor is sealed to IP67. This sealing keeps out grinding contamination helping to extend the life of the linear motor.

Does not need a separate chiller unit

The LinX uses less energy than an equivalent flat bed style linear motor and has the same power consumption as a ballscrew system but with more efficiency. The design of the motor also naturally isolates any heating effects from the machine. Because of this reduced heat load the LinX does not need a separate chiller unit and uses the machine’s regular coolant system reducing required floor space and power.


MX Linear Tool Grinders



MX5 Linear

Quality has just become more affordable

Designed with volume producers in mind, the MX5 Linear has the flexibility to manufacture mixed batches. The MX5 Linear includes the most important features of the premium MX platform, such as the bi-symmetrical gantry which supports the grinding wheel and spindle. Evenly straddling the tool centre line, the gantry provides extra rigidity for consistently accurate tools.

The new MX5 Linear has all the rigidity, stability and accuracy characteristics of the proven MX7 Linear, in a machine that is affordable to more customers.


  • The MX5 Linear uses ANCA LinX Linear Motors for axis motion 
  • 26 kW (35 HP) peak spindle power
  • Linear scales as standard
  • Compact machine with strength, power and versatility
  • RoboMate or FastLoad-MX automatic tool loading options
  • 2-station wheel pack with max. of 4 wheels each
  • Includes integrated wheel dresser
  • The MX5 Linear is ideal for grinding tools up to 16 mm (5/8”) diameter


MX7 Linear

The next generation manufacturing machine

The ANCA MX7 Linear is a powerful, versatile CNC tool grinder designed for production grinding. It is built to meet the demands of high output, high precision manufacturing. The powerful 38 kW (51 HP) permanent magnet spindle provides high torque at lower RPM which is ideal for carbide grinding and a wide range of other applications.

The MX7 Linear is a hard-working, high productivity system with unique features that enable it to handle varied batch sizes with minimum set-up time. The new cylindrical linear motor design increases reliability further and ensures a superior surface finish.


  • 38 kW (51 HP) peak spindle power
  • The MX7 Linear machine is ideal for high volume production for tools up to 25 mm (1”) diameter
  • Uses ANCA LinX Linear Motors for axis motion (X & Y axis)
  • Linear scales as standard
  • Standard 6-station wheel changer that stores & changes up to 6 wheel packs
  • Automation options include RoboMate or FastLoad-MX Compact Loader
  • Includes integrated wheel dresser


Download MX Linear brochure


12 November 2014