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ANCA's Redax offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for machine monitoring in the tool grinding industry

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Enhance production efficiency, real-time monitoring, and rapid response with ANCA’s Redax solution

Machine monitoring is an important part of modern manufacturing. It enables companies to monitor their machines in real time and respond quickly to any issues. ANCA's Redax machine monitoring solution is an advanced application designed specifically for monitoring machines in the tool manufacturing industry.

Redax offers a variety of features that enable tool manufacturers to optimise their production. With the Factory Overview feature, you can track the status of all machines in real time. This gives your team the ability to react quickly to problems and make production more efficient. If the team discovers something unusual, they can go directly to the machine dashboard for more detailed information.

Redax's machine dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all real-time data collected from the machine. You can view and check the machine status, cycle time, insights into the job in progress, spindle load and temperature and much more. All this information and graphs are designed to provide users with the production insights they need to make better decisions and understand trends.

Another important feature of Redax is the ability to receive notifications about possible production downtimes. Your entire team or a freely definable group of users are informed immediately if something does not go according to plan. This allows you to react quickly and take all necessary steps to get production back on track.
Redax uses OPC UA for real-time communication with the machines. OPC UA is a recognised and widely used industry standard. ANCA is part of the OPC UA working groups.

Extensive state-of-the-art security mechanisms and access control make Redax a modern web application that can be used from almost any device with a web browser. Nothing stands in the way of networking and monitoring your machines. 

Overall, Redax offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for machine monitoring in the tool grinding industry. It helps companies to optimise their production, reduce downtimes and improve the quality of their products.

19 June 2024