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ToolRoom is improving the performance and capability of ANCA machines

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To help our customers enhance the productivity of their ANCA machines and improve the quality of the tools they manufacture, ANCA has introduced some new features to its ToolRoom software solution. At a glance, customers can now check the accuracy of their grinding processes, easily assess if the process is ready to replicate and be assured of its successful repeat performance.
‘Up-scaling’ production with the highest accuracy
When manufacturing high quantities of tools, machine processes need to be tightly monitored and controlled. This ensures the machine is performing at its best; reducing waste and improving margins. Applying ToolRoom’s capability to automatically measure the specified limits or tolerances, called ‘the process capability index (Cp and Cpk)’, means customers can be confident their tool runs will be right every time. 


The above graph shows the results of a batch runoff 100 tools. The tools are within +/- 0.002 mm.

Furthermore, ToolRoom can automatically calculate the Cp and Cpk using the LaserPlus statistical process control operation (SPC) with in-process measurement and compensation. The result is that customers can run large batches that maintain high accuracy of the tool diameter and other required geometries like corner radius, ballnose and profile.

ToolRoom in action
The LaserPlus outside diameter SPC operation has the built-in capability to control closer tolerances as per the customers’ requirements. Below is an example of the laser plus GUI which is completely controlled by the end user depending on the limits or tolerance of their tools.



It doesn’t end here. To make sure that the entire batch of tools is within the specified upper specification limit we have introduced the regrind option with end users having the control over maximum regrinds. This is basically a grind-dig-grind process.

To ensure production is not compromised, users can inspect the batch at a predetermined time. The below diagram shows the flexibility of the setup in a batch of 100 tools. In this setup we are inspecting all 5 tools and then only inspecting every 10th tool to save cycle time and keep batch consistency.

The below window shows the setup of Cp and Cpk for batch grinding. The calculation starts from the 3rd tool or nominated by the end user with the batch quantity also specified by the user. There is an option available to terminate the batch if the value of Cp or Cpk has fallen below the nominated value.


The Cp and Cpk values are displayed on the Tool grind page, Loadermate grind page and can be viewed through the RedaX Dashboard.


24 April 2019