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Achieving a mirror finish with CARB-I-TOOL

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CARB-I-TOOL is a premier Australian cutting tool manufacturer that has been operating for over 40 years. Specialising in the production of engineering and woodworking tools for the Australian, Asian and European markets; their headquarters consists of a large factory, showroom and storage facility.

Over the last few years, CARB-I-TOOL has seen an increase in demand for tools for the machining of plastic and composite materials. To keep pace with this demand, they recently invested in an ANCA MX7 Linear to focus on producing their range of compression routers (single and multi-flute) and other solid carbide tooling for materials such as MDF, plastic, carbon fibre, aluminum composite material and special tooling for exotic materials. These are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine and general engineering.

 Mark Hamilton and Ross Storay observing a tool ground on the ANCA MX7 Linear


The investment of the MX7 Linear complemented their existing MX7 machine and enabled CARB-I-TOOL to offer a first-hand comparison between both types of machines and drive systems. The MX7 Linear is driven by linear motors on the X- and Y-axis while the MX7 is driven by ballscrews.

It is evident when viewing the tools ground on the MX7 Linear, the surface finish on all surfaces of the tool is to a very high quality. The finish on the flute is highly polished. Ross Storay, CARB-I-TOOL production manager said, “When grinding tools on the MX7 Linear we achieve a mirror finish on the flute without a spark out pass or using a fine grit wheel.”

As well as being pleasing to the eye, it is recognised that highly polished flutes and gash surfaces improve chip evacuation and aid tool performance during machining. Polished flutes have a smoother surface and the swarf (or chips) can exit more freely from the flute.

CARB-I-TOOL sales manager Mark Hamilton commented, “I have received feedback from our customers advising me that tool life is increased and performance is better from tools ground on the MX7 Linear.” Mark adds, “This can only increase customer loyalty, as our customers know that when they buy a tool from us they can be confident the tool will perform to a high standard.”

The CARB-I-TOOL factory in Melbourne, Australia

This is part one of a two-part interview with our valued customer CARB-I-TOOL. Stay tuned for more about CARB-I-TOOL in our next e-news edition.