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With know-how and ANCA technology, Morel Affutage are unlimited in their tool production

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Hands-on tool manufacturer shares the practical ways ANCA machines work for a range of cutting tool applications – “I believe we can make any tool”

Founded by Stéphane Morel 25 years ago, Morel Affutage is a small family business servicing a customer network across France and Switzerland, mainly from the hand tools industry involved in the manufacturing of pliers, cutting pliers, medical equipment, weapons, watchmaking and machining such as drills and stepped drills.

Operating out of Ornans in France, Stéphane’s experience with ANCA began at a trade show in 1998 when he met Karel Redig, an ANCA Applications Engineer whom he regards as a good friend today. It was also at the show when he bought his first ANCA machine, the RGX. While the RGX is still a reliable and operating machine to this day, the company has decided to increase their production output by investing in two FX7 Linear grinders.

Stéphane said: “What I like about the FX7 machines are the linear axes, I can tell that the tools have a better quality particularly regarding the wear of the grinding wheels. It is especially impressive how the grinding wheels radiate much slower than on older machines with linear axes. This is a clear breakthrough.”

ANCA’s software and flexibility leave no room for error

“We have made pallets with different diameters so that the pallets cannot be removed from the machine and therefore we can be more flexible, we save a lot of time, we just have to change the pliers and so it's really very practical,” Stéphane explained. “The feedback from my customers is that the tools work very well and they are satisfied with both the quality and durability.”

Once a schematic is received by email from customers, Stéphane uses the CIMulator3D software to create the tool and verify the grinding process before it is ground on the machine. While the simulation software provides an easy and convenient way of designing tools, Stéphane believes the technical knowledge gained from his years of manual expertise is just as essential.

“Know-how is important,” Stéphane said. “I am a skilled toolmaker because I used to make tools by hand and I know where to put the grinders. But you need to get to know the software very well, the simulation. You have to master the simulation for sure.”

When it comes to aftersales support, Stéphane doesn’t have to look beyond the ANCA Europe team for a highly satisfactory level of service and troubleshooting. “Generally it's easy to call Karel or technicians, but I always have someone who answers me. Whenever we have a problem, it is solved within 24 hours for sure.”

“I adapt to what customers ask of me. Nowadays we rarely decline to make a product with ANCA machines,” Stéphane concluded. “If there is a big market, no problem – we can make it. We will always find a solution to make the tool. And that's what I like about ANCA: reliability, and practically unlimited in the production of tools. I believe we can make any tool.”

19 August 2020