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The ANCA Group open new ANCA Motion Headquarters

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The ANCA Group have formally opened their new ANCA Motion headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. The plaque was unveiled by Greg Combet, the Australian Minister for Industry and Innovation, and Pat Boland, the Chairman of ANCA.

ANCA Motion, a division of the ANCA Group, manufactures innovative motion control systems. Their computer-controlled systems form part of ANCA’s market-leading tool and cutter grinders manufactured at a 14,000m2 site located in the same industrial park.

David Fisher, Greg Combet, Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland at the ANCA Motion headquarters launch

The ANCA Group CEO, Grant Anderson, told the attendees how ANCA was launched in 1974 by Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey who today remain the owners of the ANCA Group. ‘The ANCA Group is a truly global company employing approximately 800 people worldwide, ‘said Anderson. As an example of ANCA’s commitment to innovation Anderson advised that ‘the ANCA Group spends around 9% of sales on research and development each year’.


Pat Boland congratulated David Fisher, ANCA Motion General Manager, and his team, on the opening of their new facilities in Australia. 70 full-time staff work in the new building, designing and manufacturing CNC solutions, Servo Drives, Motors and associated equipment.

Greg Combet proposed to the crowd that ‘to be competitive we’ve got to be genuinely a highly skilled economy’. He branded ANCA ‘a great success story’ and commented that ANCA Motion had developed ‘much sought-after systems for computer controlled machinery’.

Combet listed the ANCA Group’s key export markets as including Germany, Japan, China and the US, stating that ‘these are not easy markets to market machine tools into.’ ANCA exports virtually its entire production with exports totalling $800 million to date.

ANCA also has offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, India and the USA and a comprehensive global network of representatives and agents. 

ANCA continues to make considerable investments in state-of-the-art factory equipment and R&D. The new ANCA Motion building represents the commitment of the ANCA Group to growth and continuous improvement.

20 August 2012