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Shanghai Precision Machinery are a dedicated manufacturer of special profile inserts and are reaping the benefits of their investment in automation

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The market for special profile inserts is booming globally, however winning in this market requires the right equipment and knowledge. Shanghai Precision Machinery is dominating in this sector and to keep up with demand, looked for a grinding machine that offered strong but flexible production capacity and good technical support.

Marshall Zhang, General Manager said: “We founded Shanghai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd in 2000; producing semiconductor chip packaging moulds for cell phones. Since purchasing our first ANCA CNC machine in 2008, we gradually started manufacturing cutting tools for other industries.”

“Our major customers are from the car manufacturing industry, mainly domestic clients in China. Over time the market has evolved and developed and customers have become more interested in special insert grinding technology.”

“In response we shifted our focus to specialize more in special insert grinding when designing our cutting tools. However, there are challenges in the special insert grinding market that we have had to overcome.”

Tackling challenges using smart software

Simulation and 3D modelling tools offer a way for businesses to measure and plan without requiring the use of materials outside the digital environment. The latest technology reduces the learning curve for new operators and provides for precise design simulation with a full range of compensation and adjustment options. Furthermore, designing the tool digitally achieves significant reductions in tool waste as there is no need to perfect the tool by grinding numerous versions.

For example, 3D simulation technology for CNC tool and cutter grinding. ANCA was the first to introduce this technology so that the user can view the grinding process and the resulting model. On-screen tool model measurements are possible, as are collision detection and process improvement. CIM3D delivers advanced tool simulation quality and an enhanced user-friendly interface for high performance and increased efficiency.

Shanghai Precision Machinery were able to overcome the challenges associated with entering the special insert market by choosing a provider with smart software: “We knew ANCA has a powerful software range, which significantly helped during the processing stage. ToolRoom has a simplistic User Interface and is easily understood by our junior operators - opening the potential to customise jobs for our more advanced operators.”

 “Most of our customers have a list of demands but may not be able to clearly describe what they want; we are able to assist them with ANCA’s 3D simulator to show them the products in more detail. Customers can understand very clearly the specifics of the products when they have seen the 3D simulation,” Marshall concluded.

The benefits of automation

Even the most effective factories today lose 15% of their time on non-value-adding tasks like machine changeovers, stoppages, maintenance, and production of faulty products. Efficiency improvements can be found by incorporating simulation and modelling tools into the tool manufacturing process. Greater levels of automation eliminate human error and reduce the cost of production.

Marshall realised the benefit of investing in automation technology. He said: “We needed to manually change the tools in our machines in the past, but since we have used the robotic loader, our high-performance components are able to run a lot faster.”

“These technologies are very beneficial to us, features like LaserPlus and RoboMate in particular are very helpful when we scale up our production and I am sure these technologies will be a trend for CNC tool manufacturers.”

Aftermarket support counts

“We have been using ANCA’s technology for over a decade now, and are very satisfied with their service. We are pleased with their after sales technical support in particular. Whenever we have questions or issues with our machines, our technicians can reach ANCA’s support team by just calling their mobile to discuss directly, and they are able to resolve the issues very quickly. We are very satisfied and delighted with how efficient they are. “

“ANCA has a good reputation and our staff are very familiar with their products, that’s why we have been continuously investing in our ANCA CNC machines, and it has supported us greatly in problem-solving. So far, I don’t see there are any issues that ANCA CNC machines can’t resolve.”

18 April 2019