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Xiaoyu Wang

Xiaoyu Wang is a Product Manager for gear tools at ANCA. Xiaoyu joined ANCA as an application software engineer in 2006 after graduating with a Masters degree in Information Technology from Adelaide University. With over a decade's experience as an engineer and senior engineer, Xiaoyu has led the delivery of multiple industry-leading software products such as drill wizard, CIM3D V8, ToolDraft, and Redax. Solving a broad spectrum of complex engineering projects - from simplifying the drill design process, to intersecting curved Bezier surfaces in 3D simulation, from implementing intricate drafting rules to utilising the latest web server frameworks - her ability to innovate shines through her work.

In recent years, Xiaoyu has diversified her skillset by moving into marketing and taking on the role of product manager for developing gear cutting tool solutions. Her extensive engineering background enabled her to grasp the gear generating concepts and has quickly earned her the 'skiving specialist' title. Her fluency in languages extends beyond her native Chinese-Mandarin mother tongue, as she is also well-versed in gear and cutting tool terminologies and multiple programming languages. 

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