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Tap - Gun Point

Gun (or spiral) point taps are designed for tapping through holes or blind holes with adequate bottom clearance. The special gun nose will push metal chips forward during tapping. This helps keep the tap free of cutting chips and allows free flow of coolant.  

TapX can grind all gun point tap features in one setup. On this tap, TapX grinds flute, thread and crest, chamfer and gun point. 


Making a success in the Tap market is all about attitude

Taps are notoriously complex to manufacturer but that isn’t deterring Thai manufacture SK Precision who are building their capabilities to be the first domestic supplier of taps to the Thailand...

FEW in Johannesburg uses TapX to improve business

“ANCA’s TapX forms an essential part of our future growth at FEW” claims Rudie Odendaal, Factory Manager of French Engineering Works (FEW), who oversaw their first TapX machine installation in...

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