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Skiving Cutters

Gear power skiving is revolutionising the gear manufacturing process. It is 5~10 times more efficient than shaping, more flexible than broaching, and can produce both internal and external gears. In 2019, there are twice as many companies looking to invest in new skiving equipment than in 2018. The rising popularity of skiving has caused a surge in demand for skiving cutters.

Gear cutting tools like skiving cutters and shaper cutters have complex geometries. Majority of the design process is iterative optimization. Especially under marginal workpiece conditions, such as interfering components and collision conditions.

Responding to the market, ANCA brings a complete solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters as part of a comprehensive gear cutting tool package. The GCX Linear will set the new benchmark for skiving cutter grinding. Adapted from ANCA’s proven top-of-the-range CNC grinder platform, the GCX Linear adds tailored features to finish all operations for skiving cutters and shaper cutters in a single setup.