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Barrel-shaped Ballnose Endmill

Known as High Feed Endmills or Circular Segment Cutter in some industries, Barrel-shaped Ballnose (BSB) Endmills are predominantly used in the die mould, aerospace, general machining and power generation industries to produce tire molds, turbine blades, impeller blades or blisks. They are commonly used as a replacement for the conventional Ballnose and Corner Radius applications.

ANCA's latest update for ToolRoom RN34 includes two new ToolTypes - Barrel and Lens shapes (Double Corner Radius - revamped), Taper and Oval form (BSB) Endmills. The new BSB ToolTypes allow customers to manufacture complex high performance Endmills with huge cost and time savings.

Large step over increments contribute to faster cycletimes and longer tool life.


  • The geometry of these Endmills are the large radii in the cutting area of the respective tool which offer entirely new possibilities in machining.
  • The larger-radius edge permits larger stepover increments which enables machining with a larger cross over pitch or tool path distance during pre-finishing and finishing operations.
  • The large tangential form radius simulates a Ballnose or Corner Radius Endmill with a large cutting diameter and that’s how these cutting tools saves cycle time relative to a Ballnose tool.
  • Not only does productivity improve, but the resulting surface finish is better as well.

Wizard-based design

  • ToolRoom software brings a wizard based BSB design to facilitate the manufacturing of these Endmills easy for any catalogue production.
  • Option is available to scale tools and add various other operations like roughing or chip breakers.
  • Wizard support is available for Oval form, Taper form and also a custom form for specials.

Compensation methods


  • ​We support manual, iView and LaserPlus compensation for all the different geometry and can maintain both ball radius and tangential form radius within +/-0.002 microns using LaserPlus.
  • Large volume production can be done on machines with LaserPlus and maintain the above accuracy in batch grinding with automatic in-process compensation.

Advantages of ToolRoom

  • iView and laser compensation for large volume manufacturing.
  • Designer edge Ballnose for aggressive nose section cutting.
  • Variable helix/index with radial margin for easy setup.
  • Tool Balancing for variable helix/index tools for chatter free cutting.
  • Constant hook along cutting edge trajectory (special flute from solid) for improved tool life.
  • User friendly wizard based design with static and dynamic view specially for catalogue tools.

Barrel-shaped Ballnose Endmill